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        DONGGUAN XINYU CANS LIMITED is an excellent platform for career achievement and dreams!
          Companies open employment mechanism and openness and respect for talent, attracting top talent from a number of outstanding domestic enterprises. Realistic alloy sustained and rapid development, the formation of a sustained demand for talent。

        Human Resources Philosophy
        Employees are the company's most important partners;

        Code of Conduct
        Let's ability richer partners;
        ● Compensation and Benefits:
        With industry and regional competitive salaries, good people a sense of accomplishment on this harvest is not only the cause, as well as the interests of a reasonable return. The company offers five insurance employees: work injury insurance and maternity insurance, unemployment insurance, pension insurance, medical insurance
        ● Promotion
        The company initiated a & ldquo; a fair, just, open & rdquo; the competitive environment, and strive to make each employee realistic alloy sustainable spatial development;
        ● Check:
        Objective evaluation system effective incentive, through the excellent performance of employees to give recognition, rewards and career development opportunities to provide long-term, up to join hands in the pursuit of excellence, sharing the results。
        ● Train:
        Companies continue to introduce and cultivate talent, providing comprehensive career development services, skills and management systems with a comprehensive internal training and external training programs, provide opportunities and environment for every employee development and growth, in order to establish an effective, vibrant and sustained and stable workforce。
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