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        Company Profile
           DONGGUAN XINYU CANS LIMITED has a number of years in the industry, senior professional and technical personnel and management backbone, with a highly trained, team spirit is good, the quality of life of hard workforce. The company introduced advanced equipment Can, Can the latest production technology, continuous process improvement, promoting technological progress, developing new products, and actively explore the market to meet customer needs.
            Company to operate many types of products to food cans, they sell other miscellaneous cans, main products are:
            (1)Dairy tin boxs health care can
            (2)Moon cake boxes, candy, biscuit boxes。
            (3)Chaye He, wine。
            (4)Various electronic products, exquisite gift box。
            (5)Billboards, boxes, thermometer boxes, gift boxes。
            (6)other special tin box(cans)
            Since the 2003 inception, the company depending on the quality as the lifeline to & ldquo; elaborate production, improve product quality; continuous improvement to meet customer demand; improve efficiency, promote enterprise development & rdquo; for the quality, implementation of the implementation of ISO9000: 2000 quality assurance system, full participation, and always give top priority to product quality, provide the high-end packaging and reasonably priced products for customers improve product quality packaging. We can choose Xinyu quality packaging to make your product icing on the cake。
        In Division I, & ldquo; credibility first, price concessions, customer satisfaction & rdquo; the purpose of survival, in the & ldquo; continuous improvement, innovation & rdquo; the direction and development. Product design, from the module printed, canning production to packaging one-stop service for our customers to provide a powerful guarantee of product quality and service。
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